Welcome to 2dragons

Why Double Dragon?


It all started with a car from a car company that didn’t do such things.  A sports car? From Honda?   Really?

The Honda S2000 was born as a concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995.  It took four years for Honda to turn concept into reality.


So?  Why two Dragons?

Route 129 in western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee is eleven miles of turns.  Not just a few turns, not a bunch of turns, a LOT of turns.  Rumor says 318 but nobody has really counted them (and nobody really cares).  Long a haven for bikers, sports car enthusiasts and car manufacturers with something to test, the original Dragon (Tail of the Dragon) starts at Deal’s Gap and finishes eleven miles later at the so-called Gravel Lot just before the Tabcat Bridge. It’s claimed that Tail of the Dragon is one of the most challenging roads in the US.


The second Dragon is Back of the Dragon, Route 16 between Marion and Tazewell, VA.  Thirty-two miles, two mountains, numerous curves, gradient changes, and a straight away or two to calm down on.  There’s a 55 mph speed limit that is more a dream than a reality. 


And the people. A group of people with a common love for an automobile, good times, a bit of adventure, and lasting friendships.  Gathering twice a year for get togethers to celebrate the joys of driving a precision automobile, sharing adventures, experiences, and yes, the occasional tall-story or two.  Come join us at the Summer or Fall Dragon.  No matter what kind of car you drive, you will be welcomed.